Eco-friendly Camping

The freedom of the open road and being outdoors is part of the allure of camping.  A campgrounds core is just that, to provide a location for leaving the hustle and bustle of the life to take a break and enjoy nature and all it has to offer. Parks that are eco-friendly are taking being in touch with nature to the next level by providing fun accomodations that are also good for the environment.

Many parks have converted over to some degee or another to solar, for example, using solar for heating a pool or servicing a bathhouse or shop.  Recycling is prevelant in most campgrounds and small things like energy star laundry appliances and energy efficient lighting fixtures can add up and make a big difference. Even landscaping can be done precisly to help prevent erosion and recycled material is being used in everything from playground equipment to site pads.  Some campgrounds today are even adding electric vehicle charging stations, and there will be more changes to come.  Those who love the outdoors are interested in preserving it for those to follow and are making changes now to ensure that happens.

What can you do? As an informed guest, you can help do your part by picking up after pets, keeping a close eye on your campfire, and using the composting, recycling and other programs that campgrounds offer to help reduce the human footprint on nature. This will

be a great activity for generations to come!


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