North Myrtle Beach camping offers fun and activities for all ages.

North Myrtle Beach is the closest major shopping district to Carrollwoods Campground and camping in North Myrtle Beach area provides much to do and many options.  Located only 17 miles to the West of the North Myrtle beach bridge you will find it is a quick drive to the beach and nice to come back to peaceful and quiet camping  west of North Myrtle Beach at Carrollwoods Campground at Grapefull Sisters Vineyard.  Also you will find our great Inn d’ Vine.


North Myrtle Beach is known as the home of Shag dancing, great local golf, beach shopping and ocean front dining.   Many unique festivals are scheduled throughout the year in North Myrtle Beach and community’s like Little River and Cherry Grove are right next door with their own brand of hospitality.  The only thing better than the places of this beach camping community are the people of North Myrtle Beach.

Those who want a more cultural experience won’t be left out, either. There are many cultural and historical landmarks here to enjoy. Consider taking a tour of the historic intercoastal waterway, taking in one of the shops at the Alabama Theater, or learning to Shag at a free class on the beach.  North Myrtle Beach camping is the best way to do it all and come back home to the place you are welcome and safe, Carollwoods.

Whatever you choose, you have a great place to start from one of the best campgrounds in North Myrtle Beach area, Carrollwoods.