RV / Camper Detailing near Myrtle Beach

Get that like new feel back to your RV /Camper by  getting your rig detailed at CarollWoods Campground near Myrtle Beach!  A detail will give your camper the fresh and clean, ready for service or ready to sell.     The benefits are great when it come to enjoyment of your investment and your resale value and to keep it in good condition you should have your rig detailed at least twice a year.  Why not have it done while you stay here at Carrollwoods Campground and Vineyard?

Exterior:  We will wash, wax, clean the headlights,  the engine, the door jams,  and the RV Glass for the exterior.  The Myrtle Beach and all Carolina Beaches weather and sea spray can be very damaging to your rig.   Let us devote the time and energy to protect you investment.

The Camper/ RV interior can also get the TLC to keep it like new.  We can vacuum the interior, removing the sand, dirt, and odor and treat any stains in the fabrics to get them back to their best appearance.   We can get the beach back out of your rig.

You know the importance of keeping your RV and camper clean and maintained.

One of the best thing is that we do this at CarrollWoods on site.  You don’t need to move out of your camper for us to do the work.   For exterior detail service no need to do anything but let us go to work.  For and interior or full detail we ask that you remove all valuables.  Our company is licensed and insured, all employees are background checked.    This is not a mobile wash operation.  You go enjoy your day and let us do the work.

All prices are done on a case by case bases and determined by size, age, and level of care needed.  Here are some sample prices for a RV detail in the Myrtle Beach/ Wilmington  area.

Sample RV/ Camper Detailing Prices:

RV Exterior Washing
$6 linear ft.*

wash only

RV Exterior Detailing
$12 linear ft.*

wash and wax package

RV Full Detailing
$19 linear ft.*
interior and exterior package

RV Winterizing $109
any size unit

Exterior RV / Camper Wash (engine, door jams, roof, tires, rubber trim)

Exterior RV / Camper wax(all exterior painted surfaces)

Interior RV / Camper Clean (carpet, bathrooms, stains, dash)

Yes ,we will do your car or truck too: Cars- $120, Trucks- $130

The above are average prices, pricing is done on a case by case bases.