RV Evacuation Preparedness

Planning is the key to being prepard!  Hurricane season is coming to a close for the year and we sigh a sigh of relief that we are unscathed again here in Myrtle Beach. However, we never know what next year or even tomorrow holds so here are a few tips on being prepard for disaster.  Take the time implement them and you will be little closer to peace of mind.

1. Have a plan for your family.  Where to meet in the case of a fire, where the exits or escape windows are in the house or RV, Who is in charge of getting pets to safety? It is also important to have a bag of emergency food for yourself as well as any pets (don’t forget their carrier or leash).

2. What to pack?    Safety of people is always first!  Given an evacuation order though, what do you take with you? Simply put the 5 P’s – Prescriptions, Purse ($$), Papers (copies as the originals should be in safe deposite box, Pictures, and Phone. Most people today use cell phones and with smartphones up to date weather is simply a click away.  Be sure remember to pack the charger and charge often as electric may not always be available.

3. What to do?  Fill your tank with gas, let friends and family know where you will be, and follow evacuation orders.

Having the forethought to put all important papers in one place that is easily accessilbe, to pack an emergency food bag, to stash some cash for emergencies are each small steps of planning that will make all the difference when is comes to being prepared for an emergency.  Take the time to get organized, you will be glad you did.


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