RV Storage Tips

When storing your camper for the winter months or long term, taking the time maintain all systems during storage will ensure your rig will be up to par when you are ready to hit the road again.  RVs with generators usually have a manual for proper procedure and should typically be exercised monthly for at least 30 minutes. The engine should also run monthly for at least 20 minutes or until it reaches operating temperatures and the addition of a fuel additive can be used to keep your fuel from degrading over time.  Remember to check the regular  scheduled maintenance items such as tire pressure and rotation, oil, fluids, battery etc…  If you will be storing you rig during winter months, be sure to winterize the fresh water system properly and make sure your roof and exterior or either covered or caulked correctly so you do not return to any water damage.  Following these suggestions will ensure that come spring your rig, like you, will be ready for the open road.

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