Camping at Carrollwoods a myrtle beach campground
Due to the fact the Carrollwoods is on the border of the great state of South Carolina we wanted to tell you about SC camping.  Just a mile or so on the North side of the Carolinas borders you will feel just as much apart of SC as NC while here at CarrollWoods.   Camping in SC is fun and with the beaches of the Grand Stand right here you will have the best of both world’s; country relaxed and beach excitement.
There are endless places to go to while camping in sc.  From Carrollwoods you can be in Historic Charleston in less than 2.5 hrs. or to the fresh seafood of Little River in less than 20 minutes.   In the Palmetto State you will find a nature and history lovers paradise.   SC camping  is the best way to be sure to see and visit it all from right here at Carrollwoods where you know you will always be welcome.DSC03021

Just a word about SC beach camping.  Be warned, sea mist from camping directly on the beach can be very bad for your camper.  Salt water gets carried by the air and wind and will get into all areas of your camper and will quickly cause rusting.  If you do choose to camp on the beach wash your rig every day. SC Beach camping is a lot of fun but there are benefits to camping at a campground in the Western area off the beach and driving over to the beach rather than parking your RV right in the sea mist for a week.

Carrollwoods is located at Grapefull Sisters Vineyard and Inn d’ Vine Bed and Breakfast.

Here is a list of my favorite thing about SC Camping

1.  SC Camping has 4 great seasons of great weather.

2.   SC Camping near the beach is great. My favorite beach is Cherry Grove.

3.   SC Camping is in the South, and most of the folk hear are very welcoming to newcomers.

4.   SC Camping in the winter is not that crowded.

5.  SC Camping in the winter does not use that much propane

6.  SC Camping is not that expensive, except right on the beach (watch out for sea spray rust).

7.  SC Camping is known for lots of great festivals,  golf,  camping, and relaxing.


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