Thanksgiving Dinner in the RV Camper
Looking for a twist on Thanksgiving dinner that can be done while the the road? Beer Butt Chicken may be just the recipe you need.  Easy, tasty and great on the grill and an quick clean up makes for a great meal.

Beer Butt Chicken


3-6 pound Chicken

6 pack of your favorite canned beer (for the chicken, marinating, and chef)

Lemon Pepper Seasoning

4 cloves of crushed garlic

1 lemon or orange.


Pour 1/2 can of Beer into the cook.  Place crushed garlic into remainder of can of beer and set aside (1 hr. minimum)

Prepare indirect fire in grill (300º to 350º).  Clean the chicken, pat dry, spray with olive oil and then season inside and out as well as under skin with lemon pepper seasoning.  Place lemon or orange slices under skin and hold in place with toothpicks.  When grill is ready place the chicken ovet the 1/2 can of beer using chicken legs to form tripod.  Make sure chicken is not over the flame and close the lid.  The beer will moisten the chicken from the inside out.  Use an instant thermometer to check the chicken (deep into thigh) beginning at 45 minutes and then check every 10 min thereafter till temp reaches 160º. Remove chicken from grill and let sit 10 min. before eating.  Enjoy!

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