Camping in North Carolina / South Carolina

How To Choose a Camper

There are many options when it comes to campers. How do you know which is right for you? Would a Class A, B or C a motorhome or truck camper be your best option?  Here are some tips to consider before purchasing.

Do you have a vehicle that will tow the weight of the camper you want? Where all do you plan to travel?  Keep in mind that the length of class A’s sometimes limits the campgrounds and places you can go and many older parks are not able to accommodate the newer size rigs.  Are you familiar with the type of engine that will be in the motorhome or the truck with which you will pull your camper?  A motorhome will have an engine and if you are towning a vehicle you will have to maintain that engine as well while a pull behind camper has only the engine of the truck pulling it to maintain. Camper trucks may need repairs that entail removing the cab from the frame to get to the engine making repairs even more costly.

Before you begin shoping for you camper, make a list of what are must haves and what you would like to have. Consider where you plan to travel and take the time to do your research before you buy to ensure you get the rig that suits your needs. Will your dealer service your RV or is there someone in your area who does?  Are you getting the best price? RV shows are a great place to get a deal and January is also the perfect time of year to pick up last years model for steal.  Financing companies offer special rates during the show season that are available to all dealers, not just the ones at the show. So you may be able to get a better rate.  If you’re buying under the bright lights at a camping show for a deal , don’t short change yourself for the deal.  Make sure what you are buying fits within your budget and will truly service your needs.