Every year many guests from overseas choose to rent an RV and travel the U.S., and many people here at home do the same for either a family vacation or to give RVing a trial run before making the big purchase.  Where do you start with an RV rental? How do you get the best rate? What should you pack?

When choosing your vacation destination make sure there are indeed area campgrounds.  Then, make your call to the RV rental company of your choice.  Keep in mind that the best deals are usually made by booking six months to a year in advance.  This will ensure not only a good early bird special but also that you get the rig of your choice.  Also, check if mileage is included in your rental and if they offer a maintenance plan and insurance coverage should any problems arise. Visiting an RV show or walking through some RV display models may help you make the best choice for which rig best accommodates you and all the “stuff” you plan to bring along on your trip.

Be sure and check out what options are available in the camper’s kitchen as well, as cooking instead of eating out can save a lot of money.  Refrigerator and oven sizes vary and your camper may or may not have available storage for a weeks’ worth of food for your size group.  Once you have reserved your camper, make your campground reservations as campgrounds also are sometimes booked a year in advance.  When placing your reservation, make sure you choose a site with the correct electrical amps and make it easy on yourself by choosing a pull through site!  Campgrounds are often in close proximity to attractions and offer may activities onsite for campers to enjoy as well.

If you have a question while on the road, you will find no better source for information than your neighbor, as campers are truly some of the friendliest people you will ever meet.  So, do your research and planning and then set out to explore the freedom of the open road. Who knows where it might lead…


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  • olivia nelson April 28, 2017 at 6:36 pm

    I agree that you need to consider the kitchen in an RV when you are choosing one. It would seem important to choose one that fits your camping style. I’m looking to get an RV for a summer road trip so I’ll have to find one with a built-in kitchen as well.


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